Marty Stuart

Marty Stuart’s Mandolin

Marty Stuart’s Mandolin

It’s always fun to inspect Marty Stuart’s Mandolin when it comes to Master Luthier Marty Lanham at Nashville Guitar Company for upkeep. There’s more than a few recognizable names.

Clarence White’s Fender Telecaster

Marty Stuart playing Clarence White’s vintage Fender Telecaster Clarence White’s Fender Telecaster

This instrument was modified by the great Clarence White, who installed the first “B String Bender”. Marty Stuart is following the fretboard wear-pattern made by Clarence. That is History.


Bluegrass Nights at the Ryman

Marty Stuart and Alan OBryant,  June 21, 1994 Bluegrass Nights at the Ryman Musicians have always loved this summertime series As printed in Dancing Noodle Magazine, January 2012

Besides being one of the world’s best places to listen to music, musicians who live in the Nashville area… Continue reading