The Station Inn Revisited

The World Famous Station Inn, Nashville, TN, has been the center of a vibrant acoustic music community for 41 years. Since May 1, 1974 to the present, this club has been the central nervous system of American acoustic music. Founded by musicians and for musicians, the Station Inn began an American music tradition, a place to grow music.

The Station Inn opened it’s doors in it’s original location on 28th Ave. North in Nashville, to an instant full house of music lovers. It instantly became a meeting place and even a home for musical souls who migrate each year to Music City–pulled by the magical lure of finding a stage and microphone.

How The Station Inn got started

As Roland White said, “We just wanted a place to play”.

When I asked Pat Enright to make a drawing of the front of the original Station Inn he said, “it was a Door–that’s all it was. . . .”