The Station Inn Revisited

The World Famous Station Inn, Nashville, TN, has been the center of a vibrant acoustic music community for 41 years. Since May 1, 1974 to the present, this club has been the central nervous system of American acoustic music. Founded by musicians and for musicians, the Station Inn began… Continue reading

Marty Stuart’s Mandolin

Marty Stuart’s Mandolin

It’s always fun to inspect Marty Stuart’s Mandolin when it comes to Master Luthier Marty Lanham at Nashville Guitar Company for upkeep. There’s more than a few recognizable names.

Clarence White’s Fender Telecaster

Marty Stuart playing Clarence White’s vintage Fender Telecaster Clarence White’s Fender Telecaster

This instrument was modified by the great Clarence White, who installed the first “B String Bender”. Marty Stuart is following the fretboard wear-pattern made by Clarence. That is History.


Old Time Bluegrass Pickin’ and Dancin’
Old Time and Bluegrass Pickin’ and Dancin’

According to legend, in medieval Europe, fiddle music was allowed to be played in the church, but dancing was forbidden. It became obvious that fiddling made the congregation tap their feet. They say that’s the moment the fiddler was expelled from church and… Continue reading

Inside A Banjo Player’s Mind

Inside A Banjo Player’s Mind An Interview with Bela Fleck

I spent an afternoon in 1995 talking with banjo master Bela Fleck about his creative process; this interview first appeared in Acoustic Music Magazine in August of that year. Looking back, I realize the extent to which Bela planned… Continue reading

A Personal Portrait of Bill Monroe
A Personal Portrait of Bill Monroe As printed in Dancing Noodle Magazine, January 2012

As a photojournalist, I have been privileged to have been behind the lens most of my life. My husband and I — along with three other couples who played Bluegrass — opened the Station Inn in… Continue reading